Wild Lab

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There is something missing, but…

What if the meaning of lesbianism didn’t exist in the world?
If lesbian was a sound, would you be able to recognise it? 

What part of your body would you hear and feel with it?

Wild Lab is a theatrical performance that searches beyond the meaning of the term lesbianism. It is a journey that floats between gender and sexuality, observing our past relationships, secrets, conflicts and desires through sounds, photography, movement, and touch.

We seek and learn; we listen, reflect and restart. We shall keep searching until we find and understand our discoveries, until we feel them resonating with us.

How do you find one – your beloved one?

AK+ is a collaboration between Fanjin Ye (Kiki), Antonietta Mazzei and Alessandro Meringolo.  

Collaborators on this project: 
Performer: Xiaonan Wang

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4 SEPT, 2PM + 7PM


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