Carla Keen


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// SEED is a one-to-one performance via Zoom, where performer and participant plant seeds together. 

Through gentle storytelling and a reflective space enabled by the encounter, participants will leave feeling refreshed, with the joyful obligation to care for the seeds as they grow. The encounter is not recorded or watched by anyone else, and is unique to that moment. Through the process of shared storytelling and reflection, the traditional boundaries between performer and audience dissipate, enabling both to become co-creators of the piece, allowing conversation to grow organically.

Participants are sent a package which contains seeds, compost, and plant pots. After the live encounter in which they are planted, participants care for the seeds as they germinate – an unspoken commitment to look after them, but also a connection to the live encounter in which they were planted. Find out more about // SEED here

Carla is an experienced facilitator, teacher, and improviser. While the conversation is free to move, participants are invited to know that it is ‘held’ by the performer, and that their personal boundaries will always be respected. Find out more about Carla Keen’s practice here.


7 – 12  SEPT, 7:30PM


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