Handle with Care

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Handle with Care is an intimate theatrical experience delivered to your door, reaching out for connection and intimacy.

Each participant will receive a cardboard box, reaching out as a desperate attempt for connection and intimacy. Moving through invitations for action and performative encounters with the self, the experience of Handle with Care will invite you to pause, reimagine and interrogate the familiar with tenderness and care. An experience of discovery, this is a theatrical undertaking that carves out a contemplative space to perform and be performed to, to reflect, respond, and to reach out.

Handle with Care comes about as a direct result of the isolation we have been required to endure during COVID-19 as well as the physical disconnect across time and space for us as a group of makers. With company members dispersed across the UK, Spain, Australia and the USA, we have discovered it is possible, fruitful and even reparative to be alone and connected at once. Handle with Care dives deeply into critical questions surrounding intimacy and identity that are increasingly prevalent on digital platforms.

Each participant will be both audience and performer, with the performance lasting up to an hour. 

NIGHTCAP are Holly Blain-Rodman, Georgina Kirk, Timothy Green, Ines Collado-Diaz and Natasha Wright.


7 – 30  SEPT


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