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Let’s get CLUNK @theDISCO!

CLUNK’s debut show @theDISCO, a full-moon costume party hosted by four friends who want to create a world where it is cool to be CLUNKy. @theDISCO Dania, Billie, Grace, and Lauren will explore who we are despite the structures that tell us no. Inspired by the beach, the moon and natural cycles, CLUNK interrogate the dark and the light, the love and the pain, the party and the protest, the duality of being and striving to still be, despite. 

Let’s dance together in defiance of the structures that tell us no. Let’s go to a space where everything is allowed, any conversation, any dance move, any sound, and feeling. Let’s find a moment of freedom to release. Let’s have fun.

CLUNK is a collaboration between Grace Kavanagh, Dania Kioufi, Billie Osborn-Harrison and Lauren Stone-Symes.
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31 AUG, 7PM



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