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GENESIS- 37 is an immersive, sci-fi performance over Zoom. The story is placed in 2037, where an autoimmune syndrome has killed ¾ of the earth’s female population. The World’s Advanced Neuroscience Department (W.A.N.D), promises to save humanity from extinction by introducing human clones into the world.


World Advanced Neuroscience Department (W.A.N.D.)
Cambridgeshire, UK
2nd August 2037

Humanity is facing the fear of extinction. The F.Deceas- 37 autoimmune syndrome has created a global state of uncertainty and terror. Three quarters of the female population are now dead while hundreds of mammals are on the brink of extinction. As of today, this syndrome has not affected the male population, and the cause is unknown.

The World Advanced Neuroscience Department (W.A.N.D) has been working hard to find a solution to protect the world’s mammals from extinction. All other avenues of science have been exhausted. Today, W.A.N.D can confirm that the future is alive. Reproductive cloning is the only option to save the world. At W.A.N.D everything is possible, and we invite our members to be the first to witness the future. Join our virtual conference and meet the first two human clones created in Genesis 37, the artificial uterus that works 130 times faster than a natural one.

In September, we will be hosting a virtual meeting for a limited number of our selected members to introduce our findings and give you the chance to interact with the first clones created in Genesis 37.

To witness the future, login to: and click the ‘book your place’ button.

Password: Wonder

Be part of Genesis. Be part of the future.

W.A.N.D: The future is alive.

Dr Kristen Hansen

Genome Theatre are Avgi Porgoura and Amalia Paschalidi.


8  SEPT, 2PM


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