drip. drip. drip.

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You must cup your hands tightly if you don’t want the people you love to slip through your fingers.

Ember is a storyteller. In the children’s books she writes, good defeats evil, the rightful queen is restored and the princess wakes up from her deep sleep. After suffering a personal loss, can she re-write reality so that she can finally have a happy ending with her loved ones?

drip. drip. drip. is a site-specific performance that utilises a blending of live theatre and cinema to explore the multiple perspectives that make up a story.

There is always water running somewhere in our house. The hose filling the pool in the garden. The sink filling plastic bowls or water guns. Warm water filling our giant bath – there’s nothing you love more, do you my Little Fish? You would sit in it all day if I let you, splashing around, seeing how long you can hold your breath for. 

There was splashing. There was running water. There was laughter. Now, there is nothing but that incessant drip, drip, drip, and I can’t stop it…

Hurluberlue is led by Pei-Yu Huang with collaboration from Ella Faye, Maria Colonescu, Avery Rabbitt, Melissa Remus and Fanjin Ye.


1 SEPT, 7PM + 9PM 


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