This is the first edition of Form(at), a festival that celebrates the exciting and innovative work made by MA/MFA Advanced Theatre Practice students at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. The projects featured in this year’s festival were made during the Covid-19 pandemic, while we were all in various stages of lock-down. Challenged by these unpredictable circumstances we worked remotely and often across huge time differences, exploring new performance forms and moving into uncharted territories of practice. Form(at) Festival is an emergence of ATP in virtual, digital and actual spaces; from live stream to living room, in the past or by post, at a gig or in a theatre, our students have reimagined their processes from the virtual, through the digital and towards possible theatres in the ‘not-too-distant future’.

Course team: Lynne Kendrick, Nohar Lazarovich, Joseph Parslow and Anna Smith

MA/MFA Advanced Theatre Practice (ATP)

MA/MFA ATP is focused on contemporary collaborative practices, challenging and reimagining the roles of performer, director, writer, designer, dramaturg, musician, puppeteer and creative thinker in new and unexpected ways within a supportive environment of discovery and innovation. Find more information here

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