Finishing School 

The Table 

The Finishing School invites you to take a seat at The Table. This sensory theatrical experience asks audiences of six to taste, smell and listen together. Verbatim interviews and vivid soundscapes carry the audience through many kitchens and into the heart of real conversation.

The mixing bowl heals, whilst a mother’s recipe reminds her son of home.

We have felt the loss of people and of what we have lost of ourselves. We have laughed, cried, felt embarrassed, furious, sad, inappropriate, guilty, and ashamed.
Sometimes we did not want to be there, sometimes we wanted to shout, run, hide, destroy something, hug somebody, show our bodies, or have sex. We have met at a table and tasted our differences, our similarities. Food feeds us and together audiences will cross oceans, cross continents and step into the past.  

The table will be laid for those who cannot be there, and we will hear what is regretfully left unsaid.

We will meet you at the table.  


Jack Hilton
Dania Kioufi
Antonietta Mazzei
Alessandro Meringolo, Lauren Stone-Symes

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