Zhaolin Zhou

Walking Cats

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A toy cat leaves Dongfeng Town and arrives in London. The cat changes its form nine times.

A grey cat walks towards a pine tree on Kilburn High Road.
The cat sees itself under the pine tree.
Nine worlds merge.
Under the same pine tree on Dongfeng Road.
The cat changes its form nine times.
Nine worlds, one home.

You may have heard that one cat has nine lives. But what if, instead, nine cats shared one life? Walking Cats is an autobiographical digital performance exploring identity and home, taking you on an intimate journey using toy puppetry and paper animation under the document camera.

Using patterns and symbolism to switch between memory and reality, the show investigates nostalgia and otherness between Dongfeng Town and London in delicate miniature form. Sharing the heartbeat with the nine cats, the performer Zhaolin Zhou (Ants Theatre) narrates the walking cats’ story operating toys and papers with affectionate memories of family, childhood, hometown and connections in a time of isolation during the lockdown. Immersed in visual storytelling, the audience are invited to feel the heartbeat of the cats and papers on the screen and of the performer behind the screen.

Mentor: Sue Buckmaster

Supervisor: Poppy Corbett

Supported by the Tramshed, Omnibus Theatre, The Space and Rumah.
Supported by ANTS as part of ANTS Presents.




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