PLEASE LEAVE (a message)

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A karaoke bar.
Yucca Mountain, New Mexico.
A group of scientists are coming up with a series of messages and warnings that can cross linguistic barriers.
Pay attention to it.  

Please Leave (a message), a multimedia performance for the present, stages the warnings of our past, the messages we are sending to our future, and those that never reached us.  

On top of the mountain, or right beneath the center, ClusterFlux, a group of scientists, geologists, spacemen, karaoke superstars and linguistic experts attempt to communicate the danger. It is in a particular location and of a particular size and shape. It is below us and this place is a message. Pay attention to it.   

ClusterFlux is an interdisciplinary contemporary performance collective. Engaging with scientific concepts, their work explores how physical laws can create emotional narratives. Somewhere between precision and chaos, they confine themselves to the boundaries of space and time, then transcend them. This is the party at the end of the world. They sing, they dance, they let loose. They suggest you do the same.  

Clusterflux is a collaboration between Trevor White, Dana McMillan, Miray Sidhom, Jack Hilton, Chris Whyte and Linda van Egmond. Find out more about their work here.


 2 SEPT, 8PM




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