Other Perspectives

Patchwork Perspectives

We play Hopscotch while searching for a sense of belonging.

Jenia is always lost and Sam is known to misbehave. We invite you to complete our journey to a home together.

“Other Perspectives” is the collaborative experiment between artists in two locations: London and Kyiv. We departed from the question: How do we acknowledge other perspectives? The call for a cultural dialogue by way of conversations, discussions and improvisations has inspired the creation of a multimedia performance. Finding ourselves in the two different contexts (UK and Ukraine), we test our relationship to the material we’ve created and follow a journey of different perspectives while answering some tricky questions: e.g. “What is it that makes a home for me?”

We invite you to join a playful journey with the main protagonists: Jenia, Sam, Anton and Tetiana. Our space is a comfortable one – so make yourself at home, but remember it is also prone to vulnerability and open to uncertainty. 

We invite you to leave a mark on our performative route through cultural differences and similarities as well as borders and barriers. We will provide you all with the tools to engage with us, but only if you choose to do so. You can join us either live at Camden People’s Theatre or online via Zoom and please, come on time so you don’t miss the “pre-show” experience.

Other Perspectives is a collaboration between Ievgeniia Kovryga, Sam Roberts and Maria Colonescu in London and Anton Romanov and Tetiana Kornieieva in Kyiv.

Collaborators on this project: 
Design: Mari Katsuno 
Sound: Luba Hilman






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