Danny Romeo

Sovereign Song

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Welcome to Elephant & Castle, a brand new country nestled in the heart of London!

Since ceding from the UK two years ago to pursue recreational rights, the young nation of Elephant & Castle has blossomed into an eclectic, diverse, glorious nation. We’ve even managed to retain our EU status, which has become a major draw for tourism and immigration! We are aware that there have been some rumblings about possible reclamation efforts from the UK, but as our newly elected Citizen Tribunal recently announced, “That definitely won’t happen…probably!”

Race against the clock with newcomers CrushRoom’s exciting immersive event. The fate of the entire nation rests in your hands. Will you lead an unstoppable rebellion, guide your fellow patriots to safety, smuggle yourself under the radar, or succumb to the oppressive tyranny of paperwork? The choice is yours, but remember: no man is an island.

Join us at the Elephant & Castle Bureau of Immigration and Emigration to become an Elephantonian today!


Octavia Fox & Manda Jønsson

Mentor: Bertie Watkins

Supervisor: Peter Case

Sovereign Song was developed and produced by CrushRoom, co-produced by COLAB Theatre productions, and stars Danny Romeo, Octavia Fox, Esme Cooper, and Charlotte Potter, featuring the voices of Lucy Curtis and Andy Owen Cook. Music by Danny Romeo, Lyrics by Octavia Fox, Orchestrations by James Christensen.


1 – 2 JUNE, 7:30PM 

COLAB Tavern
16 Harper Rd, SE1 6AD

Tickets are sold in pods:
2 for £32
4 for £53
6 for £69

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