Exposure G2710

yet to meet

The beginning of conscious life was the end of the illusion, the illusion of non-being, and the eruption of the real. The triumph of realism over magic, of is over seems.

Working across time and space, Exposure G2710 has created a performance spanning the hybrid universe of the digital, and not, the dreamt, and the real.

A sound sweeps past you. It’s not clear what it is; the rushing of liquid and constant beating that surrounds you blocks out all other sound. It is unfamiliar and you wonder what it could be. 

Bringing the inner out and back again, looking at the before while living in the after, Exposure G2710 explore the limits of the spaces we can imagine. Through scanning, layering, and projecting spaces upon spaces upon spaces, they move through this world; both between worlds, and before worlds.

Before you find out you are taken away, jolting suddenly, and you feel for the outskirts of your world, unable to stretch out you curl, huddled in the darkness that protects you so well.

Intertwining text from Georges Perec and ourselves to create a performance that jumps between time, you are welcomed into this private ocean, where we have all once been, and can never return to.


Emma Wagstaff
Evgenia Kovryga
Gaurav Singh Nijjer
Kiki Ye
Holly Nomafo
Grace KavanaghCO

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