Emballage Ensemble

Emmanuelle / Emmanuelle

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Drawing on a series of elusive memories, two people seek to summon ghosts of the past into a tactile present, exploring what these spirits might make of their own impossible existence.

A duet, a play with shadows, a seance at which we are both host and guest. 

The piece draws from the memoirs of Emanuelle Guattari and the diverse writings of her father Felix Guattari, many of which were written in close collaboration with the philosopher Gilles Deleuze.

It is made, directed, and performed as part of a collaborative exploration of the duet as a making method and performance form.

Emballage Ensemble is a collaboration between Dominic Weatherby & Emma Wagstaff. 

Collaborators on this project: 
Scenography: Jock Maitland (MFA Scenography)
Lighting Design: Sophia Utria (MFA ATP)

Find out more about their work here.


 30 + 31 AUG, 9PM


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