Hot Young Longs

The Line

A portal is a window into a parallel reality. They are everywhere and outnumber us. During the pandemic, billions of portals were and still are active- opening and closing; overlapping with one another. There is a line that connects them (and us) all. While you’re mourning a lost cat, someone else is lip-syncing to their favourite Abba song. While someone is making a conscious effort to follow the rules, someone else is purposefully breaking them. Physical things get broken, too. Sometimes something as simple as a cookie or something more complex, like a portal itself.

Every portal we bear witness to, even our own, is a fragment within the timeline of the universe.

In this performance, you will peer into the portal of The Long Game. A fragment captured and created by the Hot Young Longs of MA/MFA Advanced Theatre Practice.

The Long Game is a fragment formed from hundreds of other bigger and smaller ones- past, present and future. Moments throughout time on parallel planes meet up at one point. We invite you to step in, take a seat and allow yourself to travel through space. We will guide you along the way with our line.

What is important to note about our portal, is that everyone will see, feel and hear something different. The Hot Young Longs have each stepped in and come out the other end with different experiences. We can assure you that your experience will be completely unique. 


Louisa Doyle 
Kendra Miller 
Ethan Olswang 
Billie Osborn Harrison 
Sam Roberts 

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