The Fifth Wall

Object X

So when I was young, when I was a kid, had to go to school, started at 7.30 so I had to wake up at 6.30 at the latest. I never woke up I never…I never had an alarm clock growing up, obviously I was 6…7. So my mom used to come wake me up. She woke me up I said yeah, I’m awake, she went about her business making breakfast or whatever. She came back.

Get up. Get up.

And I said yep, I’m up. I’m up. With every intention of course and then I just closed my eyes for a little bit or just stayed under the covers to be warm. We all do it. And she always got so mad, every morning.

Every morning the same thing.

Get up.

Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up get up get up.

Through an interweaving of live action and live streaming, Object X considers the lives of those caught in the absurdist temporalities of a precarious world. A world of entrapment, stale futures, and the daily grind. However, escape is within reach! You can almost catch it and put it in your pocket! You just have to get out of bed first.


Maria Colonescu
Pei Yu Huang
Laura Lounge
Sofia Utria 
Dominic Weatherby

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