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“Are you ok?” 

Two coworkers are charged with the ultimate task – rebuild the world.
High vis, check. Good tunes, check. Checklist, check.
Set up, re-shuffle, breathe some soul into the blueprints.
Don’t push each other’s buttons. Check. 
Keep the tunes coming while everything crumbles. 

PROLOGUE reckons with empty spaces and the traces they contain. 
Do we owe it to ourselves to heal broken systems?
Can we freely drop everything and run into the unknown?

“Yeah. You?”

SEARCH ENGINE has fun making performance as a big f*** you to COVID.
We use state of the art techniques like working with only half the artists in the room at any time, regular isolation periods and 6 contingency plans. Groundbreaking. 

We have pledged to actively unlearn bad habits from the old world, whilst questioning how we can do things differently.
We tell stories about people like you and me trying to be good humans, to ourselves and to each other.

SEARCH ENGINE loves you, and we just met.

Performer: Holly Nomafo
Performer: Louisa Doyle
Director: Kendra Miller


5 SEPT, 7PM + 9PM 


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