Carmen Kruk


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Who are you? 
Where do you come from? 
Do you know where you’re going? 

As her grandparents prepared to leave their home of nearly fifty years, Carmen Kruk realized she had no idea how they came to be the crossword-puzzling Torontonians she had grown up knowing. Created word-for-word from a series of recorded interviews Roxborough traces one family’s history from a Saskatchewan homestead in 1904, to a retirement home during a global pandemic, and back again, as three generations contend with change, illness, loss, and what it might mean to live a good life.


Director – Cassidy Sadler
Actors – Alexa Higgins, Nicole Karges, Carmen Kruk, Erik Mrakovcic

Supervisor  Nohar Lazarovich

With thanks to Sophie Munden, who contributed immensely to the show’s early development, and to Liz Der, Emma Heywood, JD Plante, and Sofia Rodriguez for their involvement in workshop readings.


Roxborough can be viewed on YouTube or below on this site. 

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