Eva Ha Rang Lee

Eat Me: The Interview

What dish reminds you of home?

For this edition, artist Khai (founder of RUMAH) guides Eva through her answer while Eva in turn guides her through the interview.

Using cooking as a form of care, community building and the space to hold difficult topics, Eat Me: The Interviews deals with the candid reality of what it’s like to be an Asian artist living in London. Don’t be fooled: the food is not just a gimmick. It’s a conversation starter, communal yet personal, a method of care, and most importantly, a catalyst for connection.

The cookin-terview format means that the artists open up their kitchens while also opening up their experiences while they talk things through, trace memories and process thoughts together over a spitting pan of hot oil: these interviews show us perspectives that we otherwise wouldn’t have shared or known.

Why not join us over a home cooked meal for a sprinkle of truth, a pinch of insight and a dash of food envy.

Khai and ANTS Theatre

Mentor: Vera Chok

Supervisor: Gemma Paintin



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