Men on Bikes

This is the Way to the Exit

Are you lost?

Lost def/: The state of flabbergasted bewilderness wherein one is absolutely and hopelessly confused at not being able to identify one’s whereabouts when desperately trying to reach a place, address or location which does indeed have a specific whereabouts.

First, one must establish that the nearest exit is not behind you.
Second, breathe. One cannot read when asphyxiating.
Third. Beware of the dog.
Fourth. Follow these instructions:


A: Read the instructions.
B: Do not misread, skip or misinterpret the instructions for if you do, we cannot guarantee that you will reach the exit and therefore you would be taking a routed journey to the exit at your own risk.
C: Be safe. Should you come into harm’s way upon following these instructions your insurance policy may or may not cover it.
D: These instructions must be instructefied with haste.
E: No swearing. It is disrespectful.
F: Do not lose your temper.
G: When confused, refer to these instructions again. For further advice refer to the website.
H: Find the things that make your eyes glow like the match in the dark. Carry the torch.

See you on the other side.


Mikah Berky
Lara van Huyssteen
Abby Ferree
Peijia Luo
Yumeng Zhang
Lucie Leymonerie

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