Shower Thoughts

Shit Happens

“Would you like to cry in a shower in a movie? 

Yeah, sure. Although I don’t know if it’s cliché.” 

Welcome home, to a residence of salvation and transformation, as you enter the ultimate vital portal, the toilet. You can always count on the toilet to accept you for who you are and cherish your vulnerabilities. Nothing has seen as much as the mighty and wise toilet. Shit Happens is an experience in which human and non-human elements dance in a simultaneously private and public space. The mundane is transformed into a place of enjoyment, liberation, desire, and uneasiness. Remember the toilet is not just what it seems. It is a place for investigating both the silliness of the human condition and art’s subservience to meaning.  


Gabriella Curtis
Iyas Duhaithem
Claire Eyestone
Francesca Fatichenti
Simone Sena
Ffion Huntchinson.


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