guess you had to be there

a group photo of Triangles company

Do you remember your favourite moments? And what does it take for your mind to bring them up? What information do you add, and what do you leave out as not to distract?

Some people say that a finished product is the sum of process. All the failures, detours, and accomplishments are contained within. But another way to think about a finished product is to say that it is an abstraction of process. All the traces of hardship, joy and experimentation have been edged away. As such, we often live in a condensed world. Products, events, data, even memories are all compressed. As to not bother us with unnecessary distractions, irrelevant information. In terms of richness, process therefore always beats product. And isn’t richness what we are all out to get?

In this sense, consider yourself invited to witness abundance, development and imperfection. An odyssey through time, space and memory. Accompany a collective of seven individual performers on a journey through process, regress and success, continually haunted by the presence of absence. What remains of their expedition? And what has already gone beyond recall? Step into a fragmented world of reminiscence, dream and imagination as a unique performance unravels before your very senses. For, if people do things in a space and no one is around to experience it, did they make a show?

The story so far… 


Flora Ayres
Simon Ho
Christof Hofer
Belle Thurston
Yuhao Yin
Alison Young
Arielle Zilkha

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