Psychonaut Theatre

The W.I.G. of Life: A Conference


Time: the not-so-distant future.

Space: a conference amongst AI.  

Biological life is extinct. One organism has the power to bring it all back. The choice is yours. 

The W.I.G. of Life: A Conference is a witty and thought-provoking look into human history and our collective responsibility towards nature and ourselves. Dance, comedy and TV are blended into an interactive journey through changing moral codes and futuristic visuals, as you are invited to put on your chosen avatar and confront your very own preconceptions.


Script and direction by Francesca FatichentiChristof Hofer and Arielle Zilkha.

Dramaturgy by Christof Hofer.

Produced by Arielle Zilkha.

Performed by Francesca FatichentiChristof Hofer and Arielle Zilkha.

Music composition by Arielle Zilkha.

Scenography by Francesca Fatichenti.

TUES 29 AUG: 7:15pm
WED 30 AUG: 9:00pm

Camden People’s Theatre

Tickets are PAY AS YOU CAN (Recommended £10)

NOTE: This show contains audience interaction, and an internet-enabled smartphone is required for participation in the show.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the advertised start time, as this performance contains pre-show elements.


Psychonaut Theatre is a London-based multidisciplinary, experimental performance collective made from international artists and theatre-makers. Their projects so far cover a range of mediums and disciplines, from a live performance installation at Tate Britain, to a public response piece covered by Vogue, to classic theatre performance. They have since developed their own unique performance style, creating live events that merge a contemporary aesthetic with an awareness of theatricality. Alongside raising key questions about theatre and performance, their work displays a strong commitment to telling stories about the issues that matter to them, both as people and as artists.


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