High Frequency Theatre

Something’s Going On


Welcome to the world of multitudes, where High Frequency Theatre have created a space to explore the self.

Something’s Going On reveals the inner workings of our minds in a vulnerable portrayal of who we are as humans.
High Frequency theatre aims to make a piece that generates thoughts and reflections about what it means to be human. We ask the questions: are we always ourselves even when our form, shape, and identity is changing? Will you believe the same things you do now? Do you love the same people? Will you believe the same things you do now? 

Working through devising and improvisation, Something’s Going On doesn’t aim to tell a story, but rather to portray and experience the multiplicity of the human self. To understand this exploration of the self, we have taken inspiration from psychological and sociological theories. This includes how we are perceived, how we want to be perceived, and who we are when we’re alone. We want to reveal multiple parts of ourselves to encourage a vulnerability that only performance can enable.

Created and performed by Liv Taylor, Flora Ayres and Simone Sena.

MON 28 AUG: 7:15pm
TUE 29 AUG: 9:00pm

Camden People’s Theatre

Tickets are PAY AS YOU CAN (Recommended £10)

Duration: 60 minutes

This show contains sudden loud noises and bright lights.

High Frequency Theatre

High Frequency Theatre is an experimental theatre company formed during the MA Advanced Theatre Practice at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. We are Liv Taylor, Flora Ayres and Simone Sena, three theatre-makers with different backgrounds with a common interest in experimental devised work, movement, improvisation, and aurality. The company was formed through our shared sense of humour and we continue to develop our work based on our relationships with each other.


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