325% Shabi

Fortune Bistro


Three coins, 

Two fishes, 

And one chef wants to leave. 


Fortune Bistro is a slow-cooked experience, entwining the past and the future as ingredients, while putting AI and traditional Chinese fortune-telling (I Ching) in a frying pan.

Follow in the footsteps of two Asian prime chefs, and embrace the ultimate exploration, where choice collides with destiny. 

Created and performed by 325% Shabi.

FRI 1 SEP: 7:15pm
SAT 2 SEP: 2:00pm

Camden People’s Theatre

Tickets are PAY AS YOU CAN (Recommended £10)

Duration: 60 minutes

This show contains partial nudity.

Allergen Notice: Fortune Bistro involves the live cooking of fish. 

Audience members with pacemakers are advised that an induction cooking unit will be used as part of the performance.

325% Shabi

3 and a quarter ethnically Chinese, fusing the East and West essence. 325% Shabi Group aims to provide a new sensational and intimate experience for the audience in this rapidly changing world. 

An award-winning magician and dancer, a new media designer, and an architect. Having multiple weapons, 325% Shabi Group isn’t just bringing a variety of artistic backgrounds together, they’re connecting with what’s REALLY happening in the real world by using trending technology, and virtual-world concepts, responding to modern people’s daily journey between reality and fantasy through theatre. Step in, 325% SHABI Group is going to glimpse the past, present, and future of human destiny with you.


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