Ragatanga Collective

This Is Not a Cabaret

This Is Not a Cabaret…. Or is it?

How can you turn shame into joy? The personal into the political? This is not a cabaret addresses the marginalised voice with themes of gender, religion, excess, language and how to make a mess of your country, church and your picnic.

Explored through a series of live images that present and reveal the work invites the audience to choose their own adventure.

We will make you laugh and make you question.

We might be queer, feminist and really fucking deep… or are we just having a nice time? We invite you to make up your own mind. Come and confess with us. We’ve done this all before. See you in 3…2…1


Photo credit: Ragatanga Collective


Ella Clark
Carolina Cornejo-Morales
Roisin Cowel
BJ Mcneill
Yuanfan Pan
Fernando Solis Juarez

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